So you landed on this page, which means you are curious about who we are…

We’re parents. Parents who saw a need for a better way to support our schools and charitable organizations without having to buy or sell products we really didn’t want or actually need.

Our mission is simple. Create cool and necessary products that will contribute to the improvement of our children’s school experience and overall education as well as support other organizations you care about.

CitizenRad – what’s up with the name, you ask?

We grew up in the 80’s. Life was rad back then. And we see ourselves as citizens of the world, improving the school experience for students and teachers as well as supporting those citizens who make charitable work their passion and vocation.

We know that a school’s needs for additional funding will never go away, in fact it will likely keep deepening. Non-profits and charities will also continue to need funding support to continue their missions. We know that it can get frustrating to be asked to buy or sell goodies that we and others do not need or want. We said "there has to be a better option".

So, here we are. CitizenRad is offering a solution that makes necessary purchases a fundraising opportunity for schools and other charities. For a school this means more support for our teachers, better experiences for our students, and relief for our parents. For a charity, it opens a new channel to allow supporters to give in a new and mutually beneficial way.

And that’s pretty RAD!


We believe that supporting the education and development of children is the best investment we can make. We focus on fundraising groups who serve children and youth as our beneficiaries. By investing in our youth today we are contributing to the country’s development and future potential.

How do we give?

It’s really quite simple and very transparent. Every purchase made on CitizenRad contributes 15% of the selling price as cash back to a participating school or charity. It is a significant percentage, and a necessary one if we are to fulfill our mission of significantly contributing to an improved future.